Monday, June 30, 2008

a BEAUTIFUL day at the zoo....

Today we went to the zoo with Diane and Laura Beth. It was the first time we made it through the whole zoo. Usually the girls get too tired or it's too hot to see all the animals, but today it was nice and cool.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Knoxville Zoo

On the way back from the beach we were able to stop and see the Knoxville Zoo. We have a membership at the Nashville Zoo so we were able to go to the Knoxville Zoo free!! There were lots of animals that Hailey had never seen before such as bears, lions, rhinos, and gorillas. She had a lot of fun seeing all the animals.

Beach Bum

Friday, June 20th, Kelley, Hailey, and Kelley's friend Kelly (aka. KK) started thier journey to Litchfield Beach in South Carolina (sadly Mike had to work and was not able to go). Hailey was an excellent car rider. We arrived at the beach Sunday afternoon. We stayed in a condo with my parents and grandparents on the Second Row. And my Aunt and her children and grandchildren had a beach house right across the street on the First Row. This is the third year we have been on the beach trip with the WHOLE family. Hailey had so much fun at the beach, she loved digging in the sand, jumping waves in the ocean, and swimming the pool. We went to the beach and pool everyday. It was a great week, but we are happy to be home with Daddy now!

Captions for Above Photos:
Top Left: Hailey and babies on the way to SC
Top Right: First Day at the beach- Diggin
Middle Left: The Crab we caught
Middle Right: Hailey and Gmom
Bottom Left: KK's birthday
Bottom Right: Kelley and KK

Captions for above Photos:
Left: Hailey w/ raft
Middle: Hailey diggin with truck
Right: Kelley and Hailey blowing bubbles

Captions for above photos:
Top Left: the whole family at waters edge
Top Right: Hailey and granddaddy juming waves
Middle Left: Kelley, Hailey, Mimi, and Granddaddy
Middle Right: Four Generations of Oldest Girls: Hailey, her mom, her grandmother, her great-grandmother
Bottom Left: The whole Kelley family
Bottom Right: Kelley with her brother, Clayton

Captions for above photos:
Top Left: Kelley, Hailey, and KK at the Hammock Shops
Top Right: Gmom and Gpop at the beach
Middle Left: Kelley and Hailey at the pool
Middle Right: Kelley and her brother Clayton- handstand contest
Bottom Left: Kelley and Hailey out to eat
Bottom Right: KK and Kelley and Murrells Inlet

Above: My favorite three pictures of Hailey and Kelley

Friday, June 27, 2008

Swingin' Monkey

Hailey has been having such fun at Gymnastics class. She loves to, as she says, "swing like monkey". We look forward to going each week.
Walking on the beam:

Swinging on the Bars:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Lovin'

We are having a great summer so far! Let's see.... last Friday we had gymnastics class. Hailey had a lot of fun. She is so excited to go back this week. Also, my dear friend Kristin called from camp Friday night and said they were going to be in town the next day. So Saturday I was able to visit with Kristin and her two boys. Here are some pictures:
We went to the playground at the zoo Monday Morning.
We went to Mimi's house after the zoo and got to play with Uncle Clayton.
Then we had swim lessons in the evening.

On Tuesday we went to storytime at the downtown library. With Uncle Clayton, and KK.
Hailey even had the courage to raise her and hand and tell Library Pete her favorite colors (Pink and Purple) during the Rainbow Song.

We went to the zoo again this morning. We rode the carousel and saw all the animals. We got to hang out with KK and the three kids she was babysitting too. It was a lot of fun.

Tonight we have swimming lessons again. YAY!