Friday, January 9, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas seeing family and friends!! It is always so fun to watch Hailey open presents. Last year, she had the most fun unwrapping the gifts, but could care less what was inside. This year, however, she enjoyed seeing what was inside the wrapping. I loved watching her face light up when she really liked it. So cute! On Christmas Day, Mike's dad and brother came over for lunch and to open presents. After that, we went went over to his mom's house and did more presents there. We stayed at his mom's until Hailey's bed time. Then we brought her home and went to bed. The next morning Hailey woke up and came into our room to wake us up (as usual). We then tried to get her excited about going to see what Santa had brought. Well.... she wasn't excited to said, "I don't want Santa. I have enough toys already." Mike and I both were speechless. What almost three year old doesn't want Santa to bring toys?!?! Anyway, once we got into the living room she was excited about all the presents from Santa!! Mike's dad came back over for the morning, and then around lunch time we went to my parents house. We then came back home and let Hailey take a nap before heading to my grandparents house for my family's Christmas. We had a great Christmas at my grandparent's house with family and got home a little after Hailey's bedtime. The Saturday after Christmas we went to Lafayette, TN to visit Mike's grandmother. We had a wonderful visit with her too!
Family Picture:
All the boys in the family got these hats:
Hailey opening presents:
All of us with MaMac (Mike's grandmother):