Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What a summer

Wow! What a summer we have had! The month of June was pretty low key. I was finishing up my last clinical at MTSU. I finished the first week in July. The weekend after I finished up at MTSU my sweet sweet Grandmama was called to heaven after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March. The week after her memorial Hailey and I left for Camp Monterey. Camp Monterey is a overnight residential girls camp in Monterey, TN. I was at the barn teaching horseback riding all day, while Hailey played with the other young kids with a babysitter. We had so much fun and Hailey is dying to go back! The campers are apart of one of two teams: the Nolichuckies or the Wataugas. I was a Watauga when I was a camper, so Hailey is, by legacy, a Watauga too! The Watauga colors are green and yellow and wear pigtails. Once we got home, Hailey became obsessed with the colors green and yellow and only wants to wear her hair in pigtails. She and I had such a wonderful summer, I hope we will be able to go back next year!! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the summer!
(Hailey with Chad and Owen)

(At the Pottery Shop with Chad and Owen)

(Hailey with Thunder)

(The Sunshine Gang-the youngest campers!)

(Hailey with friends at the Obey River)

(Hailey playing on the tire swing)

(Hailey swimming in the lake)

(getting ready for a swim)

(Cooking hot dogs)

(Hailey and her friend Lauren)