Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

10 Things I Am Thankful for and Blessed with:
1) The loving grace of my Heavenly Father
2) My handsome husband
3) My darling daughter
4) My wonderful Family
5)Fabulous Friends
6) My church
7)My home
8)Clothes in my closet
9) Food in my cabinets
10) Being able to pursue a career I am passionate about.
What are you thankful for?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Please VOTE for High Hopes!

Please vote for High Hopes!!!
(Click on the banner above to vote)
High Hopes is an inclusive preschool and pediatric therapy center. Go here to learn more about High Hopes. Please support me by taking a few minutes of your time to vote for High Hopes to receive $25K. If won, the money would go to an incredible non-profit organization that truely cares for each and every child that walks through the door!
Every vote we get would be GREATLY appreciated! Please pass the word to family and freinds!
Thanks so much!!