Friday, October 30, 2009

My Best Friends Wedding

Last weekend was Joy's wedding!! Here is an overview of the wedding festivities for my dear friend Joy. Her wedding was absolutely beautiful and the weather ended up being gorgeous! I am so honored to have been matron of honor! And Hailey sure was a darn cute flower girl! I am so happy for Joy and look forward to getting to know Justin better (even though they live in Ohio now)! Congrats! I love you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My newest project....

Hailey is going to a birthday party for her friends Thursday and Friday. Instead of buying a present, I wanted to make it. I decided to make them. I made a game of Concentration using pictures from the Little Golden Book: Old McDonald Had a Farm (published 1975). It had a great variety of cute and colorful pictures perfect for this project.

(The cover of the book)

(all the tiles- there are 24 tiles... 12 matches)

(some flipped over to see both sides)

(I bought this box unfinished box at Michaels and
painted it to store the tiles for the game)

(the box with the tiles)

I got this idea from Jill. She has TONS of great craft projects on her blog.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Carson and Thunder

Laura Beth, Diane, and Carson came over the other day to play. Hailey and Diane mainly played in Hailey's room (and made a HUGE mess), but they also wanted to play the Wii Outdoor Challange Game. Here is a picture and video of the girls playing the game.
(sorry the video is sideways. I don't know how to rotate it)
While the girls were playing, Carson was hanging out on the sofa. Our kitten Thunder was very protective and sat down right beside him. It was very cute!
(Thunder is thinking... that human is as small as me. Should I go check it out??)
(Thunder protecting Carson)