Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day at the Jones household was very relaxed. Hailey woke me up this morning. We got up and made breakfast for Daddy. Hailey helped me make blueberry pancakes. We had a nice unrushed breakfast. Around here, breakfast is usually fast and not at the same time. It was nice to sit down and spend time together.

After breakfast, we all got ready and headed to Centennial Park to feed the ducks (and geese)! Hailey LOVES feeding the ducks.
There were TONS of baby geese (goslings)! They were so cute, and Hailey loved seeing the babies! The goslings in the picture are only a few of the ones we saw!
Here Hailey is feeding the ducks and geese.
After feeding the animals, we went to the beautiful flower garden at the park. This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Hailey an Daddy.
Here are two gorgeous pictures of my BEAUTIFUL girl!
After the park, we came home, ate lunch, and Hailey took a nap. After naptime we made our way over to JJ's (Mike's mom) house to play games and eat dinner! We had a wonderful memorial day being together!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Handy Husband

For those of you who don't know my husband... he isn't the most handy person in the world (sorry hunny). So you can imagine I was very excited when he said he was going to build a shelf out of 2x4's we had lying around our basement. We have been needing shelving (all our boxes and tools were just all over the floor) down there so it was a great way to use what we had to make something functional. The shelf turned out VERY well and turned out to be a great first solo project for my husband! Way to go!!

Mike with his materpeice

Mike and his little helper girl, Hailey
The shelf fully loaded!

We had Hailey cover her ears everytime Mike used the saw because it was so loud! She did this everytime!

I can't wait for his next project... maybe more shelves?!?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!!

I wanted to share a little craft Hailey and I made for our moms, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. Here is what it looks like:

Hailey painted the paper pink, and smiled for the picture. I did the rest! :) I think it turned into a cute little craft! Best of all it is multi functional. It can be used as a magnet and a clip!!
Here is the back that shows how it is made:

*Note: I laminated it, but you could use cardstock, and I think it would still be study enough! I used hot glue to glue the flower to the craft stick and clothespin!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting Paid to Shop

This week at a local Kroger is triple coupon (up to $.99) week. Now, this doesn't happen very often around here so it was VERY exciting for me. I made two runs to that store today. The first one isn't as impressive so I will start with it:

Total of groceries without sales and coupons: $62.38
Total SAVINGS (with sales and coupons): - $36.07
Total after sales and coupons(before tax): $26.31
Plus Tax: + $3.15
TOTAL PAID: $29.46

Well, I thought that was good. After getting home and doing more internet coupon searching, I found some FABULOUS coupons. I couldn't wait to go back, so after Hailey was in bed and Mike was home from work off I went again.....

Here is what I bought and what I paid the second go round:

2 Dial Complete- sale$1.49 ea.; used 2 $.50 coupons(tripled) = +$.02 total
2 Mr. Bubbles- $2.89 ea.; used 2 $.50 coupons (tripled)= -$2.78
2 Sesame Street Bubble Bath- clearance $1.55 ea.; used 2 $.50 coupons(tripled)= - $.05
2 Travel Size Listerine- $1.99 ea.; used $.55 coupon(tripled)= -$.68
1 Kroger Shopping Bag- $.99, FREE
Then I had 2 $.75 off any item coupons (tripled)= +$4.50
So in the end Kroger PAID me $.18!!! To me, that is just FABULOUS! I saved 103%!! This was the first time I have ever gotten paid!! WOO HOO! Check out the receipt below:

My deals today do not stop there.... I also found some great deals at TARGET!!!

Here is what I bought:

2- 100 Nabisco 100 Calorie packs- sale $1.93 ea.; coupons totaling $3= -$.86

4- Pringles (snack size)- $.69 ea.; 4 $.50 coupons= -$.76

4- Dove Bliss Candy Bars- $.99 ea.; 4 $1 coupons= +$.04

3- Quacker Granola Snack Bites- $1 ea.; 4 $1 coupons= ---


I think a day well spent at the store! What do you think?

I plan to scour the internet some more tomorrow and see if I can find any more good deals coupons before the triple couple event ends tomorrow!

KFC Coupon Raincheck

An update on the KFC coupon....
Due to an overwhelming response, KFC is not honoring the free KFC meal coupon any more. HOWEVER,
you can take the coupon you printed to any KFC store and they will give you a raincheck for the same deal at a later date.
Here is a link to the KFC website where the president of the company talks about the coupon and rainchecks....

FREEbie Friday- Save the Planet!

When I go grocery shopping I always try to take my reusable shopping bags.
How would you like a free reusable grocery bag?
Click on "Create a design now and get your free bag". Design and submit a bag, and Kroger will add a $.99 credit to your Kroger plus card for the next time you buy a reusable bag at Kroger. But remember, the credit expires in 30 days!!
Not only will you be getting a FREE reuable bag but you also be doing a small part to help the environment! Yeah!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009



An awesome FREEbie! I am always looking for rockin deals.

KFC has a coupon for a FREE 2 pc. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Meal. The meal includes 2 pcs. grilled chicken, two individual sides, AND a biscuit!!

Get your coupon now! The coupon is available to be printed NOW until 5/6 at 9:59PM so print it now! It can be used NOW until 5/19 (not valid on Mother's Day).


This made me laugh A LOT!