Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Part II- Painting the Countertops

If you remember in a previous post we took my kitchen looking like this:

to this:
After I had my cabinets painted and looking MUCH better. It was time to tackle the countertops!!

First, I painted all surfaces and edges of the countertops using Glidden Gripper Primer in Grey. (Notice how nasty the original counter look in this picture)

Then, I covered all walls, cabinets, and sinks that would be exposed to the spray paint.

 I used  Valspar Stone spray paint (from Michaels) and sprayed about 2 coats on all surfaces of the countertop.

It then looked like this:
I let the spray paint dry overnight.

Next I used Envirotex Lite (from Michaels- using 50% off coupons) and covered the countertops with a thick layer.

I let it dry for 72 hours without putting anything on the countertop.

And a close up:

To review here are the 3 stages of my kitchen transformation:
What a difference a little paint can make!!!

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Lou Cinda said...

This looks great! The countertops turned out fabulous! I have been thinking about painting my oak cabinets white...you are inspiring me!

Lou Cinda :)

mishebe said...

wow, those tops look fantastic! mishelle

Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

That looks fabulous! Isn't it such a great way to do a cheap fix? :) Yours don't look like they were painted at all! We did the same thing in our kitchen when we first moved in (it lasted 3 years!)....I posted about it on my blog if you want to take a lokk :) myhouseofgiggles.blogspot.com


Lee Laurie said...

I love your countertops! Did you brush that clear stuff on or pour it on like on the package? If you poured it on...how do you keep it from dripping down the edges? I would love to try that! It looks great!

Lee Laurie

Kelley Jones said...

thanks everyone! I am very happy with the result!!

Lee Laurie, I poured it on like the package, but I used a rubber spatula (that I didn't mind tossing when I was done) to put it on the sides. the sides took several coats. And I constantly was catching the drips and smoothing them out on the sides.

I hope that makes sense. If you do decide to use the envirotex, make sure your bottom cabinets are COMPLETELY covered because once the envirotex dries it is impossible to get off.

I have also seen people use several coats of polyurethane but I have heard that it yellows over time. Good Luck!

Molly said...

That is great! I painted my countertops, but I never thought to use spray paint ( I also used polyurethane). However, I wouldn't have the patience to all that careful prep that you did --I would have had spray paint everywhere!! Your kitchen looks brand new!

Kate said...

Amazing! I really like the countertops but I think my favorite is the new hardware on the cabinets.

Katie said...

Wow, what a difference! Great job. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Your kitchen looks great! I have never seen that process used on countertops, but it turned out beautifully! Thank you so much for linking up to my party!

Anonymous said...

Now that it's been a while - I am wondering at the durability of this method. I'd like to give it a try myself. How's it holding up???

Robin said...

I'd love to know how this had held up for you. Your results are beautiful!

Jennifer said...

That looks awesome!! I saw the comment about me hardware. Did you use new hardware or does it just show up now that the cabinets are white? Very pretty!!

Jennifer said...

New hardware*

JamesE Lutz said...

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