Monday, March 1, 2010

Memorable Moments of 2009

These are some of the most memorable comments (that I thought of writing down) of 2009. I already have a list started for this year. ENJOY!

"That one is a crack house Mommy."- HGJ (Feb. 2009) **refers to picture below**

"I want my teeth to fall out." -HGJ (Feb 26, 2009)

While praying....
"Thankyou for those big things.... in Mommy's shirt." -HGJ (Feb 28, 2009)
"Your tummy's big, suck it in." - HGJ (Mar. 1, 2009)

"KK's outside talking to herself." -HGJ (Apr. 16, 2009)

"Daddy's a genius. He can put things upside down." -HGJ (Apr. 16, 2009)
"Nobody comes into my room until they bring money to put into my piggy bank." -HGJ (May 25, 2009)
Mike: "We're such a weird family."
Hailey: "Yeah, ya'll are." - (June 3, 2009)
Mike: "Hailey did you know we are going on a trip?"
Hailey: "Yes. Are we going on an airplane?"
Mike: "No, we are taking a long car ride.
Hailey: "To God, or Jesus, or Heaven?" - (June 3, 2009)

Hailey's Prayer Tonight:
"Dear God,
Thank you for Gmom and Gpop. Let us all go to heaven so we can see gmom.
Amen." - (July 9, 2009)

Hailey: "I want to see the rock obama."
Mike: "What do you want to do?"
Hailey: "I want to see the rock obama."
Mike: "What do you want to see Barrack Obama do?"
Hailey: "I want to see the rock obama eat." (September 14, 2009)

"Do we take an airplane to heaven?"- HGJ (September 20,2009)

"Is there a potty in heaven?" -HGJ (September20,2009)

Hailey: "I don't know who I am."
Mike: "You're Hailey Grace Jones."
Hailey: "I don't really feel like Hailey Grace Jones." (November 3, 2009)