Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a steal of a DEAL!!- Computer Nook

Here is our new little computer nook. We used to have our desktop computer in our third bedroom. The problem was we never used it in there. So, we decided that we should move it into the kitchen area where it would be more convenient.

Problem #1: we didn't have a nice desk to put it on.
Solution: Find a cute simple white desk from Ikea on Craigslist. I wanted a white desk to match my new white cabinets.

Problem #2: Ugly hunk of junk 15" computer monitor
Solution: a new flat screen 22" monitor.

Doesn't it look wonderful? We found the monitor on clearance at Target. It was originally $160, but we got it for about $50. I was so excited!
Now, I have all the important calendars and information within arms reach of the computer (Look on the fridge to the left of the computer).
Here is a close up of the desk! Yay! I am so happy with the results!